citzenM Intranet
Buddypress Intranet Site

This was a rather complex BuddyPress build. Though I would not advise this type of setup, the client requested BuddyPress/WordPress. This project had been avoided by Sabre for an extended period of time due to the complexity of the request. However due to my WordPress experience we were able to overcome the obstacles of creating a site that was closed to the public, allowing various complicated permission levels, a front end for new users to be added, quizzes and many other custom pages. If you know anything about BuddyPress you’ll realize I had to basically invert the very foundation of BuddyPress to accommodate the request. The site is currently locked down to employees only, but here’s a screen shot to give you an idea.

Languages & Tools Used:
CSS, XHTML, WordPress, PHP, PressPermit, BuddyPress