I thought this was a great challenge and worthy of reposting.  It has to do with array selection and function expressions.

See if you can figure it out!

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Well I know it’s been awhile since I’ve been updating this thread. Basically I’ve gotten busy with a number of things that have prevented from making updates.  I’m still reading the book… however I’ve been doing more real world interaction with JS which has kept me pretty busy.  In the mean time I’ve been reading this in conjunction with completing various tutorials at and  Unfortunately, that has caused me to make the decision to spend my future blogging time posting various tips and tricks that I come across....

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So for chapter 4 there is quite a bit to cover.
Here’s what I’m learning:


Primitives variables hold a single piece of data… Reference variables carry multiple pieces of data
Primitive reference values are that are referenced from new variable locations differently.  When referencing a primitive variable a new instance of the variable is copied to the new variable. Consider the following:

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