Jason Griffith

UI Developer

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What My Peers Think

During my time at Tail Light I had the pleasure of working directly with Jason on multiple projects. I was continually impressed with his superior coding ability and eye for design. Not only was he able to take a concept and bring it to life he would quickly identify a potential hole in the ui and present several viable solutions. He is dedicated to his craft, has excellent communication skills and a great sense of humor. He exemplifies what a UI Developer should be and I’m thankful I had the opportunity to work with him.

Jason is an energetic and motivated web developer who loves to build a sense of camaraderie within a group. You can always count on him to speak up and ask questions when others in a group or on a conference call are being very quiet. Jason also enjoys digging down into a topic or technique and working with it until he has a sense of mastery of the subject matter.

Jason is a detail-orientated video editor, animator, and web developer with a strong knowledge of today’s premier software. He has a great eye for styles which maintain an edge in the current market.

Jason is a well rounded interface developer who is always up for solving a challenge. He was a great member of our team and was always willing to work though everything we threw at him. Jason’s positive attitude and calm demeanor made him incredibly easy to work with.

Jason is energetic and enthusiastic with all that he does. He is skilled and proficient in the area of media. I’ve seen Jason tackle difficult tasks, work under tight deadlines and pour everything into his projects. He thinks outside the box & is current on media trends. He was an extremely valued employee while here at Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale and a valued asset. I strongly recommend Jason Griffith for your next project or staff position.

Jason adds a great creative touch to his editing and he learns fast and works hard.

Jason has been a great asset for my team, not only because of his technical abilities but also for his creative background and interpersonal skills. He’s got a perpetually-great attitude, and always willing to go the proverbial extra mile when called upon…

The other thing I really appreciate about Jason is his unique blend of both creative design and front end web development skills. This is becoming more and more vital for many companies as traditionally-titled “designers” are often called upon to perform “development” duties that span both disciplines, and I think it’s the most valuable ability Jason offers.

I’m happy to recommend Jason to any role where his skills and talents are needed, and confident he’d be a great individual contributor, motivator and team player.

  • Joe Burud – UX/UI Designer at Tail Light Inc.
  • Corey Reed – Web Development Supervisor at Sabre Hospitality Solutions
  • Tony Palacio – Creative Arts Director, Musician
  • Justin Gannon Senior Director, Internet Marketing Services at Sabre Hospitality Solutions
  • Donato Rondinelli – Senior Video Editor at Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale
  • Rick Reynolds
  • Tavis Tucker – Web Development Manager at Sabre Hospitality Solutions


  • Javascript 85%
  • CSS 3 98%
  • HTML 5 97%
  • Angular 60%
  • Angular 2 75%
  • Angular Material 70%
  • TypeScript 65%
  • GreenSock 85%
  • Responsive Development 90%
  • Gulp/Grunt 85%
  • RegEx 70%
  • Webpack 40%
  • Sass 85%
  • Git 70%